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    • Eller hur? Det blir snudd på omöjligt att sälja pdf-mönster eftersom det blir så mycket jobb om man vill göra rätt för sig. Jag hoppas verkligen de tänker om.

  1. Anita, this is hard to believe. It amazes me how laws and rules are passed that no-one sensible has actually cosidered the consequences to simple, ordinary people and transactions. Why on earth would they want to make it so difficult for people to sell PDF patterns? As you say, a giant step back into the stone age.

    I think you’ve done the only reasonable thing you could…go back to paper patterns and hope, hope, that some reason will prevail and this rule will be overturned.

    I wish you luck, and a great deal of joy, in 2015, in spite of this!



    • Beth, It is indeed hard to believe. This will affect all paid pdf downloads to and from all the EU countries, for both sellers and buyers. I’m sure there are a lot of people not aware of the new regulations, that in fact will be breaking the law in all the EU countries they sell patterns to. And it is also a shame for those who try to buy pdf patterns but cannot. Most of my patterns are free, and I think they will continue to be free. More joy and less work that way. I too wish you the best 2015, with lots of creativity and fun! /Anita

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