Påfågel – Peacock — 19 Comments

    • Dear Emma, I am so pleased that you like my peacock! Unfortunately there is no pattern. It is a on-of-a-kind free form creation: needle felting, crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting put together into one piece. I have had several requests for the pattern, but haven’t had time to write down how it was made. Given some more time, I will try to make the pattern. When it is done, I will contact you! /Anita

  1. This is so breathtaking! I wish I had half of your design skills. ^_^ One day, when you have time to make a written pattern, I’d be very glad to purchase it from you, Anita. I love its elegant and delicate look, especially the movable train. Sheer brilliance!

    • Hi Dana, and thank you so much for your nice comment! As the pattern is being proof-read right now, I have hopes to be able to release it for purchase within a few weeks. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop and my Web shop! 🙂

  2. did you end up making a pattern for this? it’s so gorgeous ❤️ I would love the pattern if you had it 😍

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