Lönnlöv i frivolitet (del 3) – Tatted maple leaf (part 3) — 3 Comments

  1. I can so relate to your story! Yes I am 100% pure Italian born and pilaatrly raised in Palermo and my mom, both nonnas were all fiber artists. My mom past away right before my sister and I opened our very own yarn shop and we decided to name it Nonna’s Yarn Cafe in honor of our mom. (Our children called her nonna). And nonna was an unbelievable knitter, crocheter as well she embroidered and a clothing designer just to mention a few.Thanks for bringing back all of the memories!!

    • Nonna’s Yarn Cafe, what a great name for a yarn shop! I imagine a shop full of colorful yarns where one can meet with friends, sit down to have a cup of coffee, and knit or crochet while chatting away! 🙂

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