Nytt mönster – Virkad Babydocka<br><i>New pattern – Crochet Baby doll</i></br> — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Annie
    I have just printed off three of your patterns, The Mouse, Dress, Hat.
    I will send a donation to the Cancer Council where I live in Western Australia, hope that is alright with you. Would you object to my selling a few of the little mice? I have been making pincushions lately and your little mouse would look beautiful on one. I am a pensioner so would not be making many

    • Hi Carole! I am so glad you like my patterns! Thank you for donating to your local cancer council, now I know my patterns will contribute to something good. I don’t object to you selling the little mice you make, as long as it is just a hobby and not business. It would be great to see a picture of the pincushions you make, can you send me one? Love, Anita

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