Virkade drakar – Crochet dragons — 13 Comments

  1. I made one of these as well. I didn’t put wire in the wings but wish I had. I did make a stem from pipe cleaners I twisted together and put inside the tail so I can pose that. The next one I make will have wire in the wings as well.

  2. The green dragon is ridiculously perfect. Everything on your site inspires me, and so now I’m making a dragon of my own from Lucy’s pattern. If When I finish it, I’ll post a picture for you.

    Anywho, I bookmarked your site and I’ll keep checking back at your beautiful creations. Thank you! c:

  3. Thank you for posting.
    I just saw your dragon on Facebook and wanted to know if this is a newly modified pattern or the same pattern as the larger dragon (just using a smaller hook).

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