Praktfull duk eller matta / Splendid doily or rug — 14 Comments

    • Hi Patricia! I can understand you like the pattern, so did I! Unfortunately I don’t feel I have the right to share the pattern without the permission from the designer. Perhaps you could email her and ask? I think her email address is pkcrochet(at) Maybe you can also get in contact with her through Trish Kristoffersens Crochet Newsletter. Best of luck, Anita

  1. hej!

    Jag vill gärna ha det mönstret men det finns inte längre på hennes sida. Om du har kvar det, vill du snälla dela med dig av det då?

    MVH lina

    • Jag kan förstå att du gillar mönstret, det är verkligen jättefint! Tyvärr känner jag inte att jag kan dela med mig av mönstret utan tillstånd från Patricia som har upphovsrätten. Jag vet ju inte varför hon inte vill ge ut det gratis längre. Kanske du kan maila henne och fråga? Jag tror att hennes e-postadress är pkcrochet (at) Jag ska själv också försöka komma i kontakt med henne, och om jag hör något kan jag återkomma till dig. Lycka till! Anita

  2. Anita – sadly you have been misinformed. Irina Voroshilova illegally stole many of Patricia Kristoffersen designs and renamed them. She did not have Patricia’s permission. What makes it even more heartbreaking is that Irina has a copyright on them – so she’s aware of the law!

    Due to this widespread theft, Patricia Kristoffersen wil not be publishing anymore patterns – thanks to Irina, she has ruined it for the rest of us that willing pay for Ms. Kristoffersen’s brilliance.

    • Hi,

      I saw the image of this rug on Pinterest and liked the pattern very much. I did do the research and found out that the pattern belongs to Patricia Kristoffersen and nobody else. I wrote the title of the pattern and where it was first published. The title is Patricias own from her booklet. I take copyright issues seriously and do all I can to find out the origin of the patterns that I like. I have been asked many times for a copy of this pattern, but have always refused to share it as I don’t have Patricia’s permission to do so. The copy I have is downloaded from her own site, where she herself shared it for free.
      I don’t feel I have done anything wrong here. I have tried to contact Patricia but got no reply.
      It is a shame that pattern theft has this effect, but I also feel that as there is now hardly any way to buy Patricias patterns as they are out of print, it is too easy for dishonest persons to make profit om others peoples work.
      Thank you for taking care of Patricias interests.
      Best regards, Anita

  3. The pattern seems to be shared without Patricia Kristoffersena permission. Please don’t download it from Irinas web site without permission from Patricia herself.

  4. there is hope anita – leisure arts has told pk that they will be republishing her out of print books. several of the individual patterns have been republished there, but sadly do not show up when searching by her name. leisure arts is aware of this and hopefully will be fixed. has “exquisite doilies” book and “InThreadibleHome” on Etsy has several of the most recent.

    i sincerely hope that Ms. Kristoffersen will have a change of heart as her creativity is rarely seen.

  5. Hej Anita! Jag har köpt mönstret till mattan/duken Splendid på etsy men skulle behöva lite hjälp att översätta. Har precis börjat virka och blev förälskad i den mattan jag såg men fixar inte riktigt mönstret när det är på engelska.. Kan du hjälpa mig?Kan maila mönstret så du ser att jag köpt det.
    Mvh Liza

    • Hej! Jag gjorde bara en liten duk med DMC Cebelia storlek 30 och nål 12 (om jag minns rätt). Det var länge sedan jag gjorde den här.
      Mänstret är jättefint, och en dag kanske jag virkar den som en matta. /Anita

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