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  1. I adore the sweet dolls that you made for your granddaughters. Can you tell me which doll pattern that was? How tall are the dolls? I went to the web site that you listed, but she had SO many to choose from, I am looking for the most petite dolls that she has. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Thank you for your nice comment Colleen! The pattern for the doll can be found on links in this blogpost. You find the links for the pdf download in the middle fo the blogpost. The size of the doll depends on the thread you use, of course. I usually use bead spread cotton size 8/4 and a smaller hook to get the stitches tighter than normal, a Boye size 8. In that combination the doll is about 4 1/3” tall (11 cm). In DMC cotton size 5 and Boye 10-11 the size is reduced to 3 1/10” (8 cm). They can get even smaller using DMC 10 or 20, but then they are more difficult to crochet, the arms get so very small…
      But Beth Webber has a pattern for yet another even smaller doll, the Teacup Spirit. Pattern can be found on this link. Maybe that is the pattern you are looking for 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked them! I am working on writing down the patterns, and hope to be finished with it soon. I can email you when they are available if you like.

  2. Absolutely love your little dolls and dress patterns etc. And of course the little teddy bear too. Could you please share with me any info on the clothes pattern and/or modifications for the little doll. I would love to make some for gifts.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Rose! The doll pattern is a free pattern by Beth Webber, and you can find it here. The dresses and the bear are of my own design. Four of the dresses you can find as free patterns here, and the pattern for the underwear you can find here. I have not written down the pattern for the bear yet, unfortunately. Good luck in crocheting your own version of the doll, and I would just love to see your creation when it is finished! /Anita

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