Det här mönstret kommer från Karey Solomons frivolitetshäfte “Make Many Merrily”, och kallas för Chinoiserie. Jag tycker det är ett riktigt, riktigt vackert mönster! Det går att köpa från hennes webshop Graceful Arts Fiber Studio e-postadress finns som länk på första sidan.

Chinoiserie ska enligt Wikipedia vara en konstnärlig stil som hämtar inspiration från Kina, och mönstret ser lite Östasiatiskt ut, eller vad tycker ni?
Tråden jag använt är en favorit i repris, Lizbeth storlek 40 “Wildflower Garden”.

This pattern is from Karey Solomons tatting booklet “Make Many Merrily”, and called Chinoiserie. I think it is a really, really beautiful pattern!  The booklet can be bought from her webshop Graceful Arts Fiber Studio email address is on a link on the index page. 

Chinoiserie is according to Wikipedia an artistic style with influences from China, and the pattern does have a touch of the East, don’t you think? 
The thread I have used here is a recurrent favorite, Lizbeth size 40 “Wildflower Garden”.

Tatted bookmark by Annie's Granny Design - pattern by Karey Solomon

Tatted bookmark by Annie's Granny Design - pattern by Karey Solomon

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2 Responses to Chinoiserie

  1. muskaan says:

    So very beautiful !
    Informative post, too .. didn’t know about “Chinoiserie”… Italian & French terms are much more common.

    • Anita says:

      Thank you for the comment! This was an interesting pattern, and I must admit I had to redo it a couple of times due to errors made. But it was well worth it, I like the result!

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